Management Summary

The Spence Network leadership team consists of a Board, the Leader, a Network Catalyst and Fund Developer. The Leader is supervised by the Executive Director of the BGAV and is accountable for regular reports to the Board and an annual report to the Executive Committee of the BGAV.

The Board consists of Ray and Ann Spence, and two to seven at-large members appointed by the Executive Director of the BGAV in conjunction with the Executive Committee. The Leader, Executive Director of the BGAV, and Executive Director of WMUV serve as ex-officio members of the Board. The Board may also invite “friends of the Board” for occasional or seasonal input in an advisory capacity at its own discretion.

Spence Network will be funded almost exclusively by donors. There may be negligible future income from user fees and other cost-recovery mechanisms.

Please contact John Chandler for more information about the Spence Network.